TOOL A DA WEEK - Walabot Wall Scanner

Getting a little more modern with this one. A gift from my beloved Grandma, the Walabot has given me peace of mind numerous times. It’s kind of like a stud finder, but pairs with my phone to show an infrared image of what’s behind a wall. In times when I might be dealing with a wall containing plumbing or electrical, I’ll use this in conjunction with my own handyman wherewithal AND regular stud finder (belt and suspenders) to detect where those lines are. I am uber conscientious about this kind of thing - drilling into a plumbing supply is a worst nightmare for any tradesperson. I have mounted a poolside TV before... but have no plans to mount a TV in a room that then *becomes* a pool......So! I take whatever preventative measures possible.
I can also use it to find out if a wall’s studs are wood or metal - matter of fact, a useful bit of data for an upcoming microwave installation next week. The Walabot is the perfect kind of tool for someone like me, who keeps safety and liability in mind at all times. It’s also fun to say in an Australian accent, like “wallaby”. I’d recommend one to just about anybody. Thanks, Grandma!

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