TOOL A DA WEEK - Channel Locks

Covering an old friend this time around - my 10” Goodwill channel locks aka “Channies”. I recently retired these to the around-the-house tool bag but their years of service aren’t lost on me. No idea what make they are, and are probably a cheap piece of crap according to most peoples’ standards. But they’ve been my go-to on plenty of jobs where nuts needed tigthening. My first handyman gig in a professional setting was for a 10-acre apartment property that me and my fellow maintenance guys had to traverse by foot. There was one day I set a pedometer and covered 3+ miles of walking over an 8 hour shift. Therefore, I tried to keep my toolbag lean. These simple channel locks could do the job of a few wrenches and nail pulls, no problem (and sure, maybe even a hammer once or twice). By no means are they going back to Goodwill any time soon, either. I’ve just needed to upgrade and so they’ve been given a new role as a veteran leader on the bench.
By the way, does anyone call these something other than channel locks? Another fun thing about tools is the multiple monikers one can carry. If so, let me know. That way if I hear them called something else I’ll know what the heck the person’s talking about!

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